Full Orchestral Production – Naila – 5 Track EP

So, for the last few months we’ve been recording and producing a little EP for this artist, who calls herself Naila. If I had to compare her to other artists, I would have to say immediately I think of Tracy Chapmans Voice, with lyrics less political, more magical and romantic. Add in some of Maria Mena and you get something similar to Naila.

Naila came in this week to record her guitars and vocals for her new song, called one show. I am constantly blown away by the beauty of her voice. She came in and played the song for me, and ideas just started flowing. I think we are gonna go for something similar to the first song I recorded for her, which was “Pirate in The Sea”. So some pleasant flowery sounding instruments in the verse to compliment her gentle voice, and then bring in some strings, horns and orchestral percussion in the chorus. Slowly growing as the song leads on and the message becomes clear. A cool kid came in for a job interview a few days after Naila and we recorded some claps for the chorus and second verse. Was fun, just two of us clapping over and over again. Layered it and now it sounds like a good room full of people clapping, but in a hall. Of course, just to make it sit well with the orchestra. So I’ll be posting the song up soon on the portfolio section of this site and you can have a listen. I’m sure you will like it.

Here is her first song, Pirate in the Sea